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The Coronavirus pandemic means that for the first summer season, in 5 years, we are unable to make a living from our business. Unfortunately our sector is going to be the hardest hit and the longest to recover – pubs, clubs, theatres, restaurants. What’s On has been free to our readers since its creation and for the first time ever we need your kind help and support to keep it goingthrough this tough time.

We take great pride in publishing factual positive content and being a proactive force in the cities that we cover. All our staff are working for next to nothing in order to keep it going.

A donation from you would help to ensure our financial stability enabling us to continue to support the economies of the cities that we feature and for locals, visitors and destination marketing.  No matter how big or small a kind donation would make the world of difference to us. 99% of our content isn’t featured anywhere else.

Without events and audiences, we have no income. A donation, of any size, will be gratefully received and make an enormous difference.

Thank you for your support and we will be back bigger and better than ever before when this virus is over.

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