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Amsterdam has a lot to offer at night, from bars to clubs, it has it all!

As the sun sets over the canals, Amsterdam comes to life with its cafes, bars, theatres, nightclubs and the Red Light District, all enticing visitors to spend a memorable evening in one of the greatest cultural cities in the World. Take a stroll through the bustling streets, stop for a coffee or beer, browse the windows of the famous Red Light District and treat yourself to a striptease show at the famous Casa Rosso club. Or why not catch a theatre show, or dance the night away in one of Amsterdam’s many famous nightclubs?

There's lots to see and do in Amsterdam, where do you start?

The Netherlands is one of the most popular family friendly places in Europe, and Amsterdam is perhaps the ultimate family friendly city. The bussling canals, bridges, bicycles, and buses blends well with street performers, bakeries, flower markets, cafes, museums, galleries, and shopping.

Amsterdam is not known as “The Venice of the North” for nothing. It’s labyrinth of canals stretches over one hundred kilometers around the historic city.

Developed in the Golden Age of the 17th Century, as a result of booming commerce and a rising population, the canal system was envisaged as a system for defense, transportation of goods and commercial development. Today approximately 1500 bridges cover the waterways that link the famous landmarks, and the canals are home to some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful housing estates, providing a quick and enjoyable mode of transport for visitors and residents alike. The waterways also provide a stunning backdrop for many of the City’s cultural and entertainment events, including the famous King’s Day at the end of every April, the largest floating party you are ever likely to encounter..

Amsterdam isn't just for seeing, it's for shopping too!

Amsterdam boasts some of the best and most interesting shopping opportunities of any international capital city in the world. Take your pick from the many street markets that pepper the city centre to the high end fashion palaces around Dam Square. You will find tiny souvenir shops on many a street corner and miles of Dutch international and independent chain stores and pretty boutiques to explore too. From high streets stores, department stores, street markets to supermarkets, Amsterdam has it all. We at Amsterdamapartments.com have put together a list of the city’s most interesting and exciting shopping locations to make life easier for you during your visit to the city. So begin planning your shopping trip now!

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